Visual Design, Branding & QA 3D models

I have been collaborating with Pixcap, a graphic design software that allows users to create stunning 3D composition without having to learn 3D.

Brand Identity

I was pleased to work with Pixcap, helping them with the restyle of their brand in order to be competitive and appealing in the market.

The brand identity sums up the brand purpose, core values, personality, ambitions and desired positioning of the Pixcap.


I designed the new Pixcap mascot that resembles Pixcap values of friendliness and playfulness.

Social Media

I worked together with the Social Media manager with the purpose of creating a Social Media plan and calendar in order to boost and optimise the publication of engaging content.

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Web Design

I designed Pixcap landing page, together with the UX/UI team. The final result is playful, interactive and fun, users are attracted by the high quality graphics and 3D models that are showcased through the whole layout.

QA aesthetic process

I set up quality standard for the 3D elements and characters, giving aesthetic feedback to our in-house and external collaborators 3D artists. I designed content briefs for them in order to provide guidelines and input to their creations.

Thumbnails Design

In Pixcap users can find 3D models packs and the editor allows them to change colours, dimensions, camera angle etc. ensuring a fun and creative experience.

I creates templates, examples and showed inspirational visuals to in-house Designers so then they were able to come up with outstanding and engaging compositions for the thumbnail designs.

Use cases templates

Pixcap offers the possibility of downloading ready-to-use design templates, creating by the design team with Pixcap 3D icons and more recently AI generated images.

I designed the use cases below in order to set the quality standard required for in-house Designers to follow.